Our Profile

C&B’s lawyers have worked together for many years.  Before joining C&B, we practiced in large national and international law firms and bring our skills and experience honed in those firms to form a firm that is focused, aggressive, well financed and technologically advanced.  We have collectively decades of intensive experience in adversary proceedings.  We have appeared throughout the United States in federal and state courts at the trial and appellate levels and in major arbitrations.  We have had significant involvement in program business and acting as coordinating and supervising counsel.

The Firm’s practice is international.  We are adept at the intricacies of transnational insolvency and discovery under the Hague, New York and Lugano Conventions.  We have had a long and close relationship with the London Market and are well versed in its customs and practices.  We have had cases with parties and witnesses from Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East and Australia.

C&B staffs each case with an experienced team of at least two lawyers.  In staffing larger matters, we consider their complexity, the number of tasks required, and the time frame within which they must be completed adding to the team as necessary.  Litigation functions are automated or, when appropriate, outsourced in order to achieve maximum efficiency.  This use of advanced technology has allowed us to litigate cases successfully against and on behalf of large corporations and financial institutions opposing some of the largest law firms.

Typically our cases are document intensive.  We have developed stringent document handling procedures and database protocols for facilitating document retrieval in discovery and at trial.  Our software enables us to maintain a unified database giving us the uncommon capability to organize and search all evidence, documents, pleadings, transcripts and research for each case by topic, issue, word or phrase.  Our strategic use of computer graphics and video presentations enhances our effectiveness in negotiations and at trial.

From the outset, we proceed on the basis that the matter will be tried to verdict or award. We believe this approach is important in anticipating an adversary’s strategy and tactics and puts our client in a better position when settlement opportunities present themselves as opposing parties become aware of this proactive approach.  Consequently, if a matter needs to proceed to trial or hearing, we are prepared and able to take a case to final adjudication expeditiously and efficiently.

Given our breadth of litigation experience, the Firm is able to handle all evidentiary aspects of any case from scientific and demonstrative evidence to document intensive commercial transactions.  We regularly consult technical experts on a variety of matters and are familiar with the expert literature in most areas in which we practice.

Our size and depth of experience permits us to be flexible and responsive in a cost effective way.  Unlike the large law firm leveraged business model, we do not use inexperienced professional staff.  Each type of task is performed by seasoned litigators who have broad experience and understand the interrelationship between each task performed and how that task fits into the adversarial process.  This approach results in greater efficiency and quality while involving fewer lawyers.

With the same team members having worked together over a long period of time, we collaborate well.  We provide excellent representation based on the close working relationship among our lawyers.  Every member of the team has the same goal — the optimal resolution of the matter.  There is no policy at C&B under which individual lawyers are evaluated on the basis of billable hours or profitability.  Results through teamwork are what count.